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Themes and Plugins

A seemingly limitless library of themes and marketplace of powerful plugins lets you customize your site’s look and function as you see fit.

Reliable Stability

Edunomi products and services are designed to provide superior speed, design and performance for WordPress websites. It’s what we do.

Open Source

With a development team experienced in optimizing over 80 open source platforms, Edunomi is the world's leading solution for open source implementation and development.

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Let's team up to create the website you've always dreamed of

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How to Get Started

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1. Grab an Account

You need web hosting in order to start a site. Edunomi is top recommended hosting and connect your domain!

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2. Setup WordPress

Edunomi has created a simple and easy way to install WordPress directly onto your hosting account with no hassle.

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3. Customize Your Site

It's time to start building! Tweak the theme, plugins, and overall functionality of your site as much as you'd like.